I’ve been a dog lover longer than I can remember.  When I (Jennifer) was about six years old, our family went to visit my grandparents.  When we arrived, my Grandpa Johnny’s treasured hunting dog, Jill, a Brittany spaniel, was in labor.  I was thrilled!  I loved animals and animal babies, and it was the most exciting thing in the world to me to think that we might be there for the birth.  But it turned out that something was wrong and Jill wasn’t doing well.  They allowed me to be in with her, and I jumped at the chance.  She had squirreled herself away under the outside stairs to the back door.  There was a big window in the door, so there was plenty of light.  And I still remember her eyes to this day; she was hurting and worried.  Jill ended up in a c-section with a humungous singleton pup that had died in utero.  As painful as it was, it planted seeds deep in my young heart.

When I was a little older, my brother and I had a pair of breeding Zebra finches, named Francis and Fifi.  They were delightful and gave us three beautiful clutches of pearl gray dilute babies.  I was enchanted by everything about new life: the innate ability to weave together a nest, the “pairness” of the parents, the naked vulnerability of the chicks, and how the birds knew all on their own how to feed and grow them into fledglings.  And all of these wonders happened in the middle of kitchen.

Fast forward past Hub's very busy and exhausting Army career, to retirement.  With our children nearly all grown, we bought a beautiful little homestead in the middle of Kentucky, where we raise our Scotch Collies and heritage chickens.  We practice rustic management with our flock, and the predator pressure from the air is unreal at times.  We are deeply grateful to our dogs who make it possible for our free-range hens to raise their chicks on pasture from Day 1, keeping everything out, and babies safe.

Thank you for spending time here.  I hope that you enjoy meeting our dogs and learning more about our Rosewyn Scotch Collies.