The Wonders of the Wooly Hen: Raising Chicks Off Grid

wooly hen off grid chicks rosewyn farm

Have you ever wondered how to raise chicks without electricity? Wooly hen to the rescue! A wooly what?? A wooly hen. I forget what exactly prompted the question, but one day early last spring, Hub and I got a wild hair to look up how to raise chicks without electricity.  People have been raising chickens…

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We Love Your Dog Already: Strong Nutrition for Mother Dogs

Scotch Collie Bixby sitting on a bag of Farmina dog food

We get but one chance to grow a puppy in the womb, and those nine very short weeks of pregnancy lay an indelible foundation.  Every single bite their mother eats either supports or suppresses a puppy’s lifetime of health, temperament, and behavior.  To carry it one step further: what a dam eats affects three generations…

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How to be a Good Breeder in 9,289 Easy Steps: Part 1 in a Never-ending Series

Being a good breeder is something that we work hard to do. And while that sounds great and checks the moral box, what does that actually look like?  When it comes to breeding, ’good’ means different things to different people, but I would describe it as conscientious, thorough, sincere, focused, and especially, sacrificial. Breeding dogs…

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NomoWHAT? Smarter Vaccination for Happier, Healthier Puppies

Have you ever heard a breeder talking about a nomograph and thought, “nomowhat?” Here is a quick run down on the canine nomograph: what they are, how they they work, and why we use them. Nomographs measure the decrease of maternal antibodies over time.  We do our testing through the CAVIDS Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin. Our awesome…

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What Makes the Masterpiece?

Often, when we think of getting a Collie, it begins in a cloud of nostalgia, remembering back to our grandma’s beloved Collie on the farm, or the one we had growing up when Collies really did know what to do without being told.  Uploading that sentimentality to modern life is often what begins the search…

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