Breeding Philosophy

We are dedicated to the versatility of the Scotch Collie, with a special emphasis on dogs that function successfully as guardians of poultry and as companions for children.  Although we have a very small program producing only one or two litters a year, we are guided by our breeding philosophy, criteria, and goals.

Family First

First and foremost, we breed our dogs to be great pets.  They should be stable, reliable members of the family that make life better.

Then Work

We breed to maintain the Scotch Collie as an easy keeper, along with his legendary desire to work as a reliable partner with his people.


Our Avidog University Breeder College education has provided us with both cutting edge and time-tested tools, protocols, and skills to raise wonderful dogs.


From nomographs to our vet team and everything in between, we use a wide variety of resources to foster happy, healthy, long-lived dogs.


Our goal is excellence. Constant daily observation, interaction, testing, and intuition are the foundation for the decisions we make for each dog, litter, and puppy.


Rosewyn families are are deeply invested with us in the preservation of the versatile, historic, and beloved Old-Time Scotch Collie.

Where do Rosewyn Puppies Live?

Rosewyn puppies live everywhere from Alaska to Virginia and are successful on both their farms and in their families.  They work with cattle, swine, goats, and poultry, and live in families that include babies, adults, the elderly, and even medically-fragile children.

Rosewyn Puppy Map

"Everyone adores her and it’s like she’s always been here."


Lisa Hoxworth in Alaska

“We love our collie from Jennifer Sinclair…so good with chickens and chicks…he just licked new chicks we got this spring.  No harm just love.”


Sarah Courtright in Washington

“[Abbey] has learned sit, down and “kennel” to get in her crate.  Learns commands so easily a few repetitions and some yummy rewards and she has it!”


Valerie Vogel in Indiana