Contract & Warranty

PUPPY CONTRACTS.  The price of our puppies is $1600.  We understand that this is well over the average price for puppies in our breed, but we believe that our program offers exceptional quality and value over the life of the dog that is more than worth the price paid.

The unique features of our program go beyond basic socialization to include early training, cutting-edge health protocols, and working benefits as well.  Jennifer's commitment as an Avidog Associate Breeder means that owners can be assured that their puppy is getting the very best start possible.  We conduct extensive genetic testing and evaluations on our dogs to assess their fitness for breeding.  We provide genetic testing of puppies before they ever go home (a tremendous benefit for fellow breeders when seeking specific genetic profiles) giving us and our owners peace of mind.  Our puppy families also receive lifetime support through our private Facebook group and regular communication.

What's included in our puppy price?

  • A sound and healthy pup that has been carefully bred, mindfully raised, genetically tested, individually matched, thoroughly loved, clicker-powered, veterinarian cleared, and prepared for his new life with you
  • DNA testing & reports
  • 6-year health warranty
  • AKC Re-Unite microchip and registration
  • Signed health certificate by our licensed vet
  • Health records
  • MDR1 results, along with an insert for vet records
  • Nomograph vaccination protocol
  • Introductory letter to your vet
  • Regular worming and negative fecal result
  • Appropriately-timed CERF eye exam by our Board-certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist
  • Owner binder with all paperwork and documents
  • Quick Start Guide
  • 5-generation pedigree
  • Parents’ pedigrees, profiles, and genetic testing results
  • Avidog's Puppy Potty Training Solution and potty training supplies
  • Homeopathic remedy kit and guide
  • Wire Crate (can be upgraded to airline approved if you will be flying home with your puppy)
  • 5 lb bag of food
  • Collar and leash
  • Tagline
  • Clicker and cookies
  • Toys and scent item with dam’s and our scent
  • Adaptil collar to ease his transition home
  • Lifetime commitment and support

We reserve the right to change the contents of our Puppy Kit as we see fit, adding to make it better, or trimming what our puppy families tell us wasn’t helpful.  Declining the inclusion of specific items does not change the puppy price.

We aim to produce quality puppies with the potential for breeding, performance, as family pets, or a combination thereof.  
Each puppy is sold with a written sales contract customized with his specific information and purpose, and details all ownership responsibilities. Rosewyn requires that a puppy or dog be returned to us in any situation where the owner can no longer keep the dog, regardless of the reason.  We will either take him back, or help him to find a great home.  We do not offer refunds for returns that fall outside of our Health Warranty.
Note: Rosewyn dogs must never be transferred to a third party without our written permission, nor may they be offered for rehoming on the internet, in print, or any other form of communication without our written permission; to do so constitutes a breach of our sales contract which carries a $5,000 penalty per occurrence (posting a dog on Facebook and then subsequently rehoming him constitutes two separate occurrences, incurring a $10,000 penalty).  Rosewyn must be your first point of contact in case you can't keep your dog, and agreement to these terms is a requirement to enter into our sales contract.  Although we would much prefer to work on a handshake, please note that we do, and have, enforced our contracts.  If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask.

  Since every home is individual and unique, it’s impossible to control the environmental influences that give rise to diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, allergies, or anything else, making it impossible to guarantee specific outcomes.  Instead, we provide a 6-year health warranty against genetic defects that prevent the dog from performing the work for which he was purchased.  We do expect our owners to have reasonable expectations of our program.  For example, a family pet that is diagnosed with an easily-controlled thyroid condition is still able to be a wonderful part of the family with very little issue, which is in stark contrast to, say, a working dog that develops blindness due to an inherited eye disease.

In cases where a dog can’t perform his work due to a genetic disease, we offer a refund of half the purchase price.  If a breeding prospect puppy grows up to have a serious fault that prevents him from OTSCA registration or the ability to produce pups, we will refund half the purchase price.  Or, at the owner’s request, we will consider replacing the pup at half the purchase price with a puppy from our next breeding (note: in this situation, warranty placements have priority on our wait list).  Owners need not return their dog, unless they choose to; in that case, we just require proof that the dog has been spayed or neutered.

Copies of our contracts and warranty are available upon request.