How We Raise Our Puppies

Our entire farm philosophy is based on respect for the awe and wonder of nature.  The method goal of every litter is natural breeding, free whelping, and robust puppies.

We evaluate every potential breeding dog according to our mission and the four pillars of preservation: health, temperament, working ability, and type.  No dog is perfect, and breeding selections demand that we balance each dog’s strengths and weaknesses.

We focus on the nuanced details of the whelping box, such as traction, room temperature, and the mother’s well being.

We use an integrative approach with our husbandry, which gives us an exciting toolbox: nomographs, homeopathy, evidence-based worming protocols, conventional medicine, and more.  It all works together.

Socialization, Enrichment, and Training

4 week old Rosewyn Scotch Collie pups meeting chickens

Puppies are born in our home and raised in our family with a lot of love and care. We use a savvy socialization plan with regular appropriate handling, visitors and field trips, challenges and adventures.

Our goal is to raise an engaged "bomb-proof" puppy that is unfazed by the unexpected, whether his natural temperament is bold and confident, sweet and gentle, or quiet and aloof.  We do this by structuring their exposure to appropriate sights, sounds, tastes, textures, and smells through a wide variety of experiences.

We introduce puppies to the clicker, the crate, the recall, and the leash; the vet and all sorts of strangers; shiny floors and stairs; grass, gravel, straw, leaves, dirt, and so much more.  We begin potty training in the whelping pen, and by the time they go home, they have a good idea of how it works, they just need patience, love, and practice.

Nutrition & Epigentics


Epigenetics is an exciting new field of science that is exploring and explaining the relationship between environmental influences and gene expression.  We've learned that harmful genes can be switched on or off by environmental influences (namely nutrition, level of stress, toxin exposure).  We know that we’re no longer “doomed by our genes” to a particular fate.

We support our owners in using any wholesome and nourishing diet as long as it fulfills a dog's nutrient requirements, whether raw, home cooked, or kibble.  In addition to proper nutrition, helpful strategies such as NRF2 activation, a low toxin home, sunshine, fresh air, exercise, and a lot of love support a dog's body in maintaining optimal health.



Avidog’s APET evaluation is a very deep dive on each puppy’s temperament, and is one of the key tools that we use for making our puppy matches. 

We are constantly reviewing our breeding program, in addition to ongoing observations and discussions. Paying close attention makes all the difference.