Poultry Puppies

Bixby, 4 weeks old
Bixby, 4 weeks old
Bixby at 12 months. 
 First exposure to chicks.
Bixby at 12 months. First exposure to chicks.

Like a lot of people, we love birds.  We brought our first Scotch Collie home in 2013, and realized very quickly that working with poultry required a dog with a certain character, and we've been working on finding him ever since.  Producing reliable poultry collies is one of our long-term goals, which is why we focus on poultry aptitude.

Our Andy, Once Upon a Time at Rosewyn, was a blessed discovery in 2016.  His parents were working guardians on a commercial poultry farm, and he clearly inherited their love of birds.  Andy became the foundation of our poultry genetics, and has passed his poultry affinity on to at least one of his puppies.

We’re always designing different ways to expose puppies to birds, and to ascertain signs of poultry prospect.  We're happy to talk with people about how a Scotch Collie may be able to help with home flocks.