Rosewyn Scotch Collie Puppies

For a thousand years, the heart and mind of the Scotch Collie has been devoted to partnership - to making your life better - and this is still with him today.

This is a working dog, not a weekend warrior, dog park dog, day care dog, or 9-5 crate dog. He doesn't live in the same world as other breeds where everyone he meets is his best friend.  He bonds tight, trusts hard, and needs to be side by side with his person every day in order to be happy.

Rosewyn dogs are truly wonderful in the right homes.  If you think this might be you, we would love to have you apply below.

Rosewyn 2020 Litter Yukon and Bixby

This litter is planned for Summer 2021

Goals for this Litter

Temperament    Health    Biddability
Working Ability    Poultry Affinity & Aptitude

Because of the incredible pedigree of this litter, our preference is for working, breeding, and performance homes.  However, this won't be suitable for every puppy, so we welcome companion homes to apply as well.  As always, puppies are matched with owners based on temperament and the needs of our Wait list.

Where Do Rosewyn Puppies Live?

Rosewyn Puppy Map

Program Notes

We think a little bit differently.  We wonder, question, and explore.  We are excited about ideas and unexpected discoveries that help make life better.

We use Nomographs from the University of Wisconsin's CAVIDS Lab for a customized vaccination schedule that maximizes protection and minimizes risk for our puppies.  We DNA test every puppy and include their results in their owner's binder.  We raise our puppies the Avidog way and network with our fellow Avidogers to stay on top of the latest research and news affecting our puppies and their families.  We use the Avidog APET temperament test to match our puppies to their people then design customized training plans to help owners and puppies build a great lifelong relationship.  We give your puppy a leg up on potty training, crate training, the clicker, the leash, poultry, and so much more.

Our dogs are pets before they are working dogs or breeding dogs.  They aren't perfect and do a lot of the goofy things that dogs tend to do.  They jump up on the couch, steal cat food, and love to roll in dead things.  But they also bring comfort, lay nearby during evening prayers, and protect with their whole heart. They aren't our children, but are every bit a treasured part of our family.

We are a very small program, usually breeding only 1 or 2 litters a year.

But . . . Are We Right For You?

We expect a lot of ourselves and our puppy families.  Please read the following pages at a minimum to see if you can live with us.  Fifteen years is a long time to be attached to a breeder that you don't care for (and phantom owners are no fun for us, either).


About Rosewyn Farm
Breed Information
Breeding Philosophy
Health & Genetics
How We Raise Our Puppies
Working With Us
Contract & Warranty

We May Not Be The Breeder For You.

We don't ship our puppies.  Shipping a puppy as freight can be a gamble for the puppy.  Picking up your puppy here at Rosewyn is essential to working with us, and to life with your puppy.


We don't allow buyers to pick their puppy.  Buyer picks are often overwhelming to the buyer or are based on emotion, a perceived connection, the puppy "picking" a buyer, or some other random criteria.  As buyers, our best experience was when our breeder listened deeply to our needs and chose our puppy for us (Andy - we love him!), and we've experienced that same success with our owners as well.  No one knows them better than we do, and by the end of our interview process, we know exactly what our owners are looking for.  The success of our entire program is rooted in making great matches.


We don't assign or reserve puppies at birth.  As preservation breeders, we base every match on the puppy's temperament, his working ability, and the needs of the owner.  Puppies are unique individuals and there is absolutely no way to know at birth if a specific puppy will be a good fit for anyone.  If you're looking for birth reservations, we are not the breeder for you.


We don't sell "first come first served".  We don't sell products, but raise and choose appropriate homes for sentient beings, and we take this responsibility seriously.  Our goal is not to "sell puppies", but to engender a lifelong and rewarding relationship between the right dog and the right person.  It's all about the match.


We don't have a "pick puppy".  The concept of a "pick puppy" is an outdated notion asserting that one puppy is better than all the rest.  There is no single pick puppy because every puppy is the pick of the litter for the right person.



We do not ship puppies.  Meeting your puppy for the first time is a milestone for you both.  When you come to Rosewyn Farm, it allows your puppy to meet you for the first time in his happy place, before the stress of traveling.  The week of pickup, we will email you your puppy's training plan (which is based on his APET results) so that you can prepare for the best introduction possible.  When you arrive for your appointment, we'll go over your puppy starter kit, cover training techniques and any other questions you may have, and take your Gotcha Day picture together.  This appointment is essential, non-negotiable, and a lot of fun!

It begins when you introduce yourself in an email sent from the form at the bottom of this page.  Tell me about yourself, what you're looking for in a pup, any questions or concerns you have about our program, etc.  If it sounds like we’re a good fit, I’ll ask you to complete our application.  From there, we check references and end with a video call with the whole family, whether that's one person or 13.  Approved applicants are then moved onto our waiting list.

From there, we begin the lengthy process of matching.  Not every pup is a good match for every person on the waiting list, and so you may have to wait for a future litter if we don’t have the right pup this time around.

At around 5 weeks of age, I have a fairly good idea of which puppies will be suited to which homes on our waiting list.  Once I'm sure that we will have a puppy for you, I will send you a Litter Reservation offer and Deposit Contract.  Deposits are non-refundable, but are applied to the puppy price.  The Commonwealth of Kentucky requires us to add 6% sales tax.  Litter Offers that go unanswered for 48 hours are assumed to be declined and so we will move on to others on our Wait list.

At around 8 weeks of age, we conduct the APET temperament test and combine this information with our notes, observations, and discussions in order to match puppies and people.

Full payment is due* one week before your pickup appointment.

Pickup is here at Rosewyn Farm at approximately 9 weeks of age.  Each 90-minute appointment includes any remaining paperwork, time for Q & A, going over puppy's training plan, and finally - our favorite part! - meeting your puppy and taking his first picture with you as a family.


We use Good Dog Payments for transactions, as their payment protections provide huge peace of mind for both buyer and seller.  From their website:  "Payments made through Good Dog are fully protected and guaranteed. Always pay through Good Dog to keep your payments safe."  Good Dog's payment fees are in addition to deposit and puppy price and are paid by buyers. 

Please check our Puppies page for information on our current or upcoming litters.


If we have a puppy that is ideally suited to family life, we don't hold out for a farm placement.  Our goal is to place each puppy into the home that best fits his temperament, drive, and personality, regardless of whether that is a farm or a family.  It's all about the match.

While we are actively breeding to preserve good farm (and poultry) genetics, the qualities that make a great farm collie also make for a wonderful family dog as well: intelligence, biddability, sagacity, gentleness, a solid off button, and a love of babies and people.  Our goal is to breed for these qualities in every single puppy.

Buyer picks are often overwhelming to the buyer or are based on emotion, a perceived connection, the puppy "picking" a buyer, or some other random criteria.  As buyers, our best experience was when our breeder listened deeply to our needs and chose our puppy for us (Andy - we love him!), and we've experienced that same success with our owners as well.  No one knows them better than we do, and by the end of our interview process, we know exactly what our owners are looking for.  The success of our entire program is rooted in making great matches.

Have you ever had a bad farm dog?  We have.

A bad farm dog is a waste of time, money, and energy.  At best, he may apathetic towards his stock or the perimeter.  He may be deaf to the sound of your voice when he's in hot pursuit.  He may worry and the stress the stock by chasing or hunting.  At worst, he may end up costing you dearly.

A good farm dog, on the other hand, maintains a secure perimeter, defends against predators, and protects his stock and his farm.  He is an investment in food security, farm production, and peace of mind.  The question is, how much do you value these things?

There is no such thing as just a farm dog; a good one is worth his weight in gold.

No, we don't.  Our puppies are raised in our home in a family setting, meaning that we don't have commercial facilities or a staff available for the extra work load that would be required by being open to the public.  While we love visiting with people, raising a litter is intense, and we simply don't have the time or the manpower to accommodate visitors.

To get to know us and our dogs better, we've provided this website that's growing all the time; we're on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube where we share pictures and videos of our dogs and their life, both in our family and on our farm; we manage our Facebook education groups where we discuss dogs in general and our dogs specifically; we email, and talk with people through video calls; and our puppy families are happy to talk with potential owners about their experiences with us and our dogs.

When you buy a Rosewyn Scotch Collie, you’re getting more than the puppy you hold in your arms.  You have behind him the working abilities of his parents and grandparents.  You'll have the rarity of his genetics, as we don't repeat breedings.  You receive all of the study, work, planning, preparation, and expense that went into breeding his unique purpose-bred litter.  You benefit from 24/7 access to Jennifer’s Avidog brain for your dog’s entire lifetime.  You’ll receive our comprehensive starter kit that continues the solid foundation that your puppy started his life with.  It includes fun things like his crate, collar, leash, clicker, toys, and potty training tools, but it goes deeper to include diagnostic DNA testing, our 6-year genetic health warranty, AKC Reunite microchip, The Binder, farm swag, and so much more.  You and your puppy will benefit every day from thoughtful, mindful, creative, and detailed puppy rearing, from socialization to cutting-edge vaccination protocols to thorough worming, our veterinary team, and even early training.  You'll have exposure to poultry and our watchful eye for your puppy’s affinity to work with birds.  You'll be a part of our private Facebook group where we share photos, stories, and our lives with these amazing dogs. You’re assured that your puppy wasn’t “the last one left”, but a baby dog that born for you:  he was loved, observed, developed, assessed, and selected just for you. If we don’t have the right match for you, we'll be up front and tell you.  We would rather keep them for a year than to place them in the wrong home, and we have.

We do our very best to enable our owners and their dogs to live a long and happy life together.  We love our puppy families.  They are the absolute best!

The Nitty Gritty


Our puppy price is $1600, which includes a comprehensive starter kit.  For more information, read about how we raise our puppies and working with us.  In no particular order, except for the last item:

Avidog Associate Breeder with a 24/7 support network of fellow Avidog breeders
・Puppies are thoroughly loved on in our home and on our farm

Early Scent Introduction
・Evaluation for poultry affinity and aptitude
・Exposure to all sorts of surfaces, sounds, and sensations

Avidog's APET temperament test to match puppies and people
・6-year genetic health warranty

・DNA testing and results before puppy ever goes home
・Customized vaccination schedule from the University of Wisconsin
・Anytime return, no questions asked
・Delayed spay/neuter

・Crisis fostering
・A super head start on potty training
・Introduction to bathing and grooming, including nail trims
・Socialization to all sorts of people, dogs, and places
・Foundation in clicker training
・Crate and travel training
・Beginning recall
・Incredible potential.


  The rest is up to you.

Step 1: Introduce yourself

The only way to ensure that we're placing our puppies into well fitted homes is to get to know people well.  Our progressive placement process begins here with our application and costs nothing to apply, other than time. If we're a good fit, we'll follow up with an email to visit on the phone.

Thank you for considering our program.


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