Working With Us

For a buyer, it’s important to find someone who speaks your language and does things in a way that makes sense to you.  As you read through this page, it will probably either resonate with you, or you won’t be able to leave fast enough.

For a breeder, there’s nothing worse than having a puppy born into your hands, entrusting him into someone else’s, and then never hearing from them again.  We are not Amazon and we don't one-click puppies.  We don't place our pups based on color, ear tipping, coat length, or any other cosmetic feature. 
We individually match our puppies based on the needs of our buyers, people who believe in breed preservation as much as anything else.  Here is what our puppy families can expect from us:

Home- & Farm-raised puppies.  Puppies are born, raised, and loved in our home.  While the bulk of their day is spent with us in our home, we include controlled exposure to our poultry, as well as the sights, sounds, and smells of the farm.  We raise our puppies with time-tested methods and add our own additional protocols that evaluate and foster poultry guardianship aptitude in our puppies.  We do not move our  puppies into a barn at 4 weeks of age.  Scotch Collies are a sensitive, people-focused breed, our particular dogs even more so.  We work to nurture the dynamic of the human-dog partnership.

Well-raised puppies.
We have used both Puppy Culture and Avidog programs; we stay with Avidog for its quality, breadth, and depth.  We incorporate protocols covering a wide variety of a puppy’s needs, including Early Scent Introduction, savvy socialization, impulse control, early training, and so much more to give our puppies the very best start possible. 

Avidog itself goes far beyond 8 weeks of rearing puppies.  The Avidog University Breeder College includes 7 flagship courses and a growing catalog of online classes focusing on every aspect of dog breeding and care.  From the health and wellness of the mother, to the selection of the sire and management of stud dogs, to the breeding itself, prenatal care, whelping and care of neonates, training, and nutrition, all the way to the care of senior dogs.  Its scope is comprehensive, its value incomparable.  We’re thrilled to be able to share our world-class education with our puppy families.

Lifetime commitment and support.  This isn’t just a nice phrase on some website that doesn’t really mean anything.  Whether it’s good news or bad, sharing pictures and stories, asking advice, or helping your own dog to whelp her own litter, we love our dogs and their owners just as much.  We’re here for our owners through our private Facebook group, by text, email, pony express…  Our owners have our commitment to this wonderful landrace breed and the lifetime support for their dog.

Thoughtful and well-researched breedings.  We select each of our breeding dogs for specific qualities to help us reach our goals of a versatile, well-balanced Scotch Collie.  We apply a wide array of selection criteria to each unique breeding, including genetic and practical health, temperament, working ability, and type, as well as versatility and longevity.  For each breeding, we’re looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack that will carry our program forward to the next generation.  In general, we do not repeat breedings, as we are focused on always moving forward towards our breeding goals.

We match puppies and people.  We understand that it can be disappointing to hear that we make the matches, but this is how we place our puppies, period. We are keen observers, and keep copious notes and records of each puppy, always watching them with the needs of our waiting list in mind.  We utilize Avidog’s APET evaluation, which is a tool that assesses 33 different traits of a puppy’s temperament and is responsible for thousands and thousands of successful matches over the years.  We also love that it equips us to provide our new owners with a customized training plan just for their puppy.  Finally, we have good intuition about our matches, and we pray for guidance as well.  We believe that every puppy has a God-given mission for his life, and it is 100% our job to help him find his people so that he can happily and successfully live it out. We've experienced the heartache of mismatches, so we know what's at stake.  Simply put, we are asking you to trust us; no one knows them as well as we do.


Buying a puppy from Jennifer was a more than incredible experience. It was so nice to be part of my puppy’s life from birth, through pictures, stories, and training progress. And because she took the time to get to know me and my farm, she was able to even steer me toward a different puppy selection when she felt it would be a better fit. My puppy, Thumper, who is now 3 and a half is the love of my life and a perfect fit for my farm!

- Anne Evans Bays of Moonlight Farm

Here is what we expect of our puppy families:

You've done your homework. 
You have studied the Old-Time Scotch Collie.  You know the breed standard and have read our website front to back, as well as other sites dedicated to the OTSC.  You’ve been honest with yourself and what you want and need in a dog, as well as your abilities and limitations.  You understand what makes him a sound choice, and take responsibility for your part in growing him up into a great dog.

Our Puppy Search Tool is a free download that we created to help organize your pup and breeder search, and avoid the overwhelm that often comes with the myriad of choices out there.

Buyer pick up.  While shipping does get puppies from Point A to Point B, we are not comfortable with risks it poses to your puppy.  Weather patterns can change or cancel travel plans at the last minute, leaving your puppy stranded for the time being somewhere.   He can be accidentally mishandled during transport, and won’t be comforted by transport workers with the same love and care that you would. 

Meeting your puppy for the first time is a milestone for you both.  When you come to Rosewyn Farm, it allows your puppy to meet you for the first time in his happy place, and not after the stress of traveling.  The week of pickup, we will email you your puppy's training plan to prepare yourself for the best introduction possible.  When you arrive for pickup, we'll go over your puppy kit, cover training techniques and any other questions you may have, and take your Gotcha Day picture together.  This appointment is essential, non-negotiable, and a lot of fun.

2-month "puppymoon".  You have cleared your calendar for the next 8 weeks.  No vacations, new babies, grad school thesis, or deployments.  Each of those things is a very important milestone in life and deserves your full attention.  And so does your puppy.  The sensitive period is a brief time in his life when just a little effort makes a lifetime of difference.  This critical period of time is over by just 16 weeks of age, and is when you will teach him about who you are, who he is, his place in the world, and about being an integral part of your and your family’s life.  There is a tremendous amount of work to be done to prepare him for life, and there are no do-overs if you let it slip by.  Invest in your life together and make sure you have the time to do it right.

A true family dog.  Your dog is a beloved part of your farm and family.  We don’t mean that your dog is your child, but that he's loved and cherished by everyone in the family as a dog, and for being a dog.  It doesn’t work if only one person in the family is excited about the puppy, or if everyone loves the puppy but one is resentful or bitter or fill in the blank.  Everyone must be on the same page.

Gently-balanced training.  Our program is built on sensitive dogs.  It’s ok to correct the wrong behavior, but harshness will not work with them or they may shut down on you, giving way to mistrust and fear.  They do best when most of their training is rooted in partnership, and when corrections are kept very simple, gentle, and brief, and you return quickly to praising good behavior.  Correction should be like gently bumping into the wall, then getting right back on track; it's not a hammer.

Lassie, come home.  
Rosewyn dogs are never permitted to be transferred to third parties or listed on Craigslist, PuppyFind, or any other sales venue without our knowledge and consent.  If you ever cannot keep your dog, he must return here to Rosewyn as stated in your signed contract.

Primary health and wellness advocate.  The information age has advanced our knowledge past the point of the authoritarian vet/client relationship.  Rosewyn owners seek out veterinary care that embraces the emerging paradigm of partnership with pet owners.  These special vets guide and offer choices, yet support and respect their clients as the decision-maker — they are to be treasured!  That said, please do whatever you can to show your appreciation for your vet.  They work hard, and have the highest suicide rate of any profession.  As pet owners, we need to do a better job showing our gratitude.

Maintain titers and limited vaccination.  Vaccination isn’t without risk.  Nomographs and titers are the best we have found to maximize the protection of dogs and puppies while minimizing potential risks to their health.  Routine annual vaccination for the sake of checking a box does no good for your dog, and may actually harm him, sometimes sooner, and often later.  Titering allows us to know the exact levels of disease antibodies in a dog’s blood, and whether or not he needs to be revaccinated. Rabies is ruled by law; in this situation, we recommend getting the 3-year vaccination.

Balanced nutrient food.  We support a raw diet for dogs, when recipes are formulated to provide balanced nutrients.  Neither prey model raw nor ratio raw diets are able to provide adequate and balanced nutrition for the life of your dog.  Buying a premium pre-made balanced raw food such as K-9 Kraving is a great choice.  Homemade raw diets formulated by a qualified canine nutritionist also meet this need.  (For the nutrition nerd, I highly recommend the Raw Fed & Nerdy group on Facebook!)  DIY homemade raw diets with no nutritional training can be dangerously deficient and can cause great harm to your dog; this is not the time to wing it. 

If you don’t have access to a balanced raw diet or a canine nutritionist, you are better off feeding a super premium kibble, especially until your puppy’s growth plates are closed.  For kibble, much homework must be done to select an appropriate feed.  Not all are created equal and nothing in the average grocery store will nurture health in your dog.  The Whole Dog Journal has a great list of foods for subscribers that are excellent choices.  Nutrition is complex and nuanced, and the "one bag for life" mindset isn't going to benefit your dog for the long term.

Active participation and communication.  We love our puppy families and we all love seeing each other’s puppies and how they grow.  We use our private Facebook group to stay connected, to get feedback on how well a particular breeding achieved our goals, and to support our owners in caring for their dogs.  It's a lot of fun to get to know other Rosewyn families as we watch the puppies grow.  For those not on Facebook, we connect at least once a year through phone or email.  Staying in touch is the best way we have found to breed better dogs, and to make sure that our owners are happy.